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Daebong LS laboratory
continuously promotes
innovation in order to meet the future needs of
customers and enable them to lead
healthy and beautiful lives

Daebong LS Laboratory seeks
to stay ahead of the competition
and promote healthier and more beautiful lives.

Advanced products developed by Daebong LS Labs are being distributed both domestically and globally to various countries
including Japan and throughout Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Europe. We are dedicated to maintaining
high quality levels and developing better products.


  • 2016

    In-Cosmetics Korea, received the 'IBITA Innovative & Creative Raw Material Producer' Award for natural cosmetics ingredients technology

    Established the Daebong LS Jeju factory (opened Jeju factory)

    Expansion of the Jeju Natural Products Laboratory
    (Jeju Techno Park → Advanced Science and Technology Park)

    Method for purification of horse oil and cosmetic composition containing the same

    Cosmetic composition containing Jeju basalt volcanic Ash
    (Patent No. 101627542)

    Novel phenolic acid derivative compounds and uses thereof
    (Patent No. 101651605)

    Production method of ginseng flower complex extract with enhanced levels of active substances and functional cosmetic composition prepared from it (Patent No. 101656710).

  • 2014

    Daebong LS registered as the Jeju Natural Products Laboratory (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    Received award as 'BEST Beauty Innovator' at the 13th World Hanseong Convention for Natural Cosmetic ingredients Technology

  • 2013

    Daebong LS registered as the Incheon Natural Products Laboratory (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    Establishment of the Jeju Natural ingredients Application Research Institute

  • 2011 ~ 2012

    (Olmesartan medoxomill) added to Hypertension treatment

    Development of raw cosmetic materials (TES Triolears)

    Selected to promote Jeju Metropolitan Economic Area and Industries

    Participated in project to upgrade eco-friendly biomaterials (3G-Bio related)

  • 2009 ~ 2010

    Selected as an on-site project for the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation

    Development of hypertension treatment (Valsartan, Amlodipine besylate).
    Development of functional cosmetic raw ingredients synthesis

    Development of a new extract of Rubus coreanus root (Product name: Prorelief LS-1)

    Incheon Natural Products Laboratory established

  • 2006 ~ 2008

    Selected as a joint core projects by Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge and Economy including (development of PioglitazoneHCL process for diabetes treatment), development of solvents (Itopride HCL, Mosarpride citrate), development of contrast agent (lodixanol, lohexol, lopamidol)

    Development of rosiglitazone (Rosiglitazone) (Patent No. 100697982)

    Preparation method and development of a pharmaceutical composition (pioglitazone) containing crystalline polymorphism of pioglitazone potassium salt (Patent No. 100697983)

  • 2004 ~ 2005

    Synthesis of Acebrophyline for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Disease

    Development of thioctic acid for diabetic polyneuritis, synthesis of Losartan potassium for hypertension

    Development of permanent-wave substance (monoethanolamine thiolactate 63%)

    Development of one-formulation oxidative permanent hair dye paste. (Patent No. 100443021)

  • 2000~2003

    Daebong LS registered as the Convergence Technology Laboratory (Korea Industial Technology Association)

    Synthesis of Ticlopidine.HCI, Aceplifyline and erdosteine for bronchial asthma

    Synthesis of Piroxicam Potassium Injection

    Synthesis of antifungal agent (Terbinerfine.HCI)

    BGMP certification obtained

    Synthesis of Prednisolone 21-Stearoylglycolate

  • 1980~1999

    Development of permanent-wave substance (Thiomin, ATG, L-Cysteine.HCI.H2O, L-Cystine Free-base, DL-Cysteine.HCI.H20)

    Synthesis of L-Cystine, S-Carboxymethylcysteine and N-Acetyl-L-cysteine

    Established Daebong LS Labortory(Began as a research team for raw materials development)

    Completion of GMP factory in Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon city and relocation of headquarters

    Manufacture of high concentration neutralizing agent (Patent No. 20168) Development of 4 EMOL brand products by increasing the 40 products in development to 150 products

    First hair science book in Korea

    Moved Mid-East factory to Bucheon city in Gyeonggi province, Production of Ammonium thioglycolate (Patent No. 16456)

    Established 'Hanjin Fine Chemical' in Songnae-dong, Bucheon, Gyeonggi province and produced sodium bromate (Patent No.10101)

Research Project History

  • 2015.10.01~2016.09.30

    Development of functional cosmetic ingredients from clove derivatives

  • 2014.12.01~2015.11.30

    Anti-Aging Cosmetics Development Theme Cluster Project

  • 2014.07.01~2015.06.30

    Global Cosmetics Theme Cluster Project

  • 2013.12.01~2014.04.26

    Personnel advancement project for research and development of Nagoya Protocol correspondence window

  • 2012.06.01~2015.04.30

    Leading industry of Jeju metropolitan economy

  • 2012.02.01~2015.12.31

    15th agenda research and development project

  • 2011.12.01~2013.11.30

    Regional industrial technology development business

  • 2011.07.01~2014.04.30

    Jeonnam Regional Economic Cooperation Project

  • 2011.06.01~2013.12.31

    Practical use of agricultural products

  • 2011.03.01~2011.12.31

    Regional agricultural specialization technology development business

  • 2011.02.01~2014.10.31

    Global Cosmetic Research and Development Project